Down To Basics Part II

Published February 10, 2016 by smartin9

Hi lovelies ! In the last post I showed you the different types of makeup brushes. Today I will be going over the basics of the makeup sponge. As with brushes, makeup sponges come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Each sponge is made to apply foundation and concealer in certain areas that are difficult to blend with a brush.They can also be used to sheer out foundation or cream products. Today I’m going to focus on two types of sponges ; the beauty blending sponge and the cosmetic wedge. These are the two most popular sponges for  applying foundation, concealer and other cream makeup products.

When using a cosmetic sponge of any type, there are a few tips and tricks to try   to get a flawless finish.

  • Dampen the Sponge:  Doing this will stop the sponge from absorbing too much product. You will use less product and get better coverage.
  • Tap It On : It’s best when using a flawless foundation sponge, to tap on the product. You get better and more even coverage. Swiping it across the skin can leave streaks and look patchy.

Swtch-a – roo : Use a separate sponge for each product. This way you won’t run the risk of mixing the wrong products together,  such as mixing a bit of contour into  your blush or highlighters.

Let’s take a closer look at each sponge :

The Beauty Blender : This quite possibly the most well known and used sponge. No matter where you look you will find these colorful , egg- shape miracle workers. Used for everything from applying  and blending foundation and concealer to patting on setting powder. With regular cleaning you beauty blender can last up to three months before having to be replaced.

Some benefits of the beauty blender are they are great for applying and blending concealer under the eye. They serve a number of purposes like blending, contouring and highlighting. If you get a bit heavy handed with the foundation the beauty blender will sheer it out seamlessly. They will give your makeup an airbrush finish.

When weighed against other applicators, the beauty blender is definitely worth the $20.00 price tag..

Image : Beauty Blender Original ( $ 20.00 )


Cosmetic Wedges :  Wedge sponges are unique in that they don’t absorb the product. The triangular shape makes them ideal to use in small areas of the face. I use them as a final step in blending foundation around my hairline. It feathers the makeup out a bit easir than a beauty blender.

Wedge sponges have been around for a long time and have quite a following in the makeup community. They will most likely never become obsolete.They are very in expensive and come  in packages of 10 or more and they are easy to find.  If you are beginner with makeup wedges are a good tool to have on hand. You can apply makeup with them and use them to clean up any boo boos that may have occurred. The are especially good to use when sharpening the edge of winged eyeliner.

Wedges are best used to apply foundation, illuminator and they are ideal for covering dark under eye circles. Since they do not absorb makeup they extend the wear time of your makeup. They are suitable for any liquid makeup and some thinner formula creams.  I like using them to apply eye cream.


Image :  Essentials Blending Wedges from e.l.f ( $1.00 )

Well there you go my lovelies. The ins and out of the two most well know makeup sponges. How do you prefer applying makeup? Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Let me know what you think. All suggestions and comments are appreciated greatly. See you all soon ! xo

One comment on “Down To Basics Part II

  • Hey I’m so glad to have found this! I recently began wearing make-up for work, and the application of concealer under my eyes is the biggest challenge. I guess I’ll be looking into getting some wedges. 🙂


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