Makeup Tools :Down To Basics

Published February 3, 2016 by smartin9

Hey there lovelies! How many of you out there have that one old, cringe worthy photo from your rookie makeup days ? You know the one where you’re wearing bright blue eye shadow, frosted lipstick and a fake tan that would put an oompa- loompa to shame. More than are willing to admit it , I think. I freely admit to wearing horrible eye makeup and overdosing on shimmer all because I didn’t have the proper tools and know how to look like anything other than a deranged clown. Of course now I can look back and laugh. Having a daughter who’s into makeup and all that jazz made me think about those horrible pictures.I want her to start out with a fair knowledge of how to apply makeup and the tools that are available .I believe many of you feel the same way. In this post I will go over the many types of makeup tools and how to use them. Hopefully I can spare makeup rookies everywhere some of the teasing that my friends and I went through.

Makeup is and art form and your face is the canvas. To create the perfect picture you need the right tools for the job. Your job is to learn which of those tools are right for you. Not all skin is the same so the tools you use will suit your personal needs. There are so many brands and variations on tools that choosing can seem to be a daunting task. I recommend , if you can afford to , buying a variety of brands both high end and drugstore. You might be surprised to know that when it comes to performance many drugstore brushes are better than some high end brushes. Brushes can have either synthetic or natural fibers . The type you choose depends not only on personal preference, but the type of makeup it is used for. For instance when you’re using a liquid foundation a synthetic bristled brush is ideal . Natural fibers soak up the product so you end up using more than needed. Synthetic on the other hand does not absorb the product.  Let’s look at each type of brush one at a time.

Face Brushes : These are used to apply concealer, foundation, various powders and blush. Here’s a breakdown of each brush and its function.

Concealer Brush: Since these brushes are generally smaller than a foundation brush they are ideal for using under the eye, cover blemishes and for liquid concealers used at the corners of the eye.


Image: Sigma F75 Concealer brush ($ 14.00

Foundation Brush: There are two types of foundation brushes, flat top kabuki brushes are used to buff liquid or cream foundations onto the skin. Then there is a paddle foundation brush that a flat brush head used for applying liquid or cream products such as foundation and primer.

Image: Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush ($ 21.00

F60 - Foundation Brush

Image : Sigma F60 foundation brush ( $ 21.00 )

Powder Brush: These are large, fluffy, soft brushes used to dust on loose powders.


Image: Sigma F20 Powder Brush ($33.00

And last but not least…

Blush Brush :These brushes are often rounded , sloped bristles. They greatly resemble powder brushes. They are used to dust on blushes, contouring and bronzers.

( Sigma F92 Blush Brush  $ 36.80


Eye Brushes : There is a huge variety of the brushes. Finding the right one can be an overwhelming task for makeup rookies. I recommend sticking with the  most basic brushes when first starting out. Buy inexpensive brushes to experiment with ; just until you get the hang of things. Then you can go for the more specialized brushes.( Plus its just more affordable this way.)

Crease Brushes: These brushes are made in various shape and sizes.They can either be round and fluffy to tapered and thin. It’s up to you to choose the shape you prefer. Try to find one that both fits into the socket of your eye and feels soft and comfortable on your eye.

Image: e.l.f crease brush ( $3.00

Eyebrow Brush : These brushes have firm, angled bristles. They are used to apply waxes, creams and powders to the eyebrow.

Image : e.l.f eyebrow duo brush ( $3.00

Blending Brush : These  brushes are one of the most important brushes for makeup. They are usually tapered and fluffy. They are used to blend out any harsh lines and create a smooth and even gradient between colors.

Image : e.l.f Blending Eye Brush ($ 1.00

Eyeshadow Brush :These are the most important of all . They are firm with squared off bristles. They are used to pack cream and powder shadows on the lid.

Image: e.l.f Essential Eye Shadow Brush ( $1.00 )

These are just a few of the basic brushes that I think are great to start out with. I recommend starting out with more affordable brushes for beginners. This way you get the feel of each brush and if one doesn’t work out for you , you won’t be out much money.

In my next few posts I will talk about other tools that you want to have in your makeup arsenal. I will  also go over how to use those as well.Plus  I’ll  give the lowdown on which tool is right for different makeup formulas. I hope you stop by and check it out.

Remember that true beauty doesn’t come from a bottle. It comes from inside! 

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