Making Those Peepers Pop

Published January 21, 2016 by smartin9

Hi dollies ! First and foremost , I apologise for not posting for a while. I’ve been ill and just didn’t have the energy to write. I have however been brainstorming new ideas for you guys. I would like to address a question that I have been asked time and again. . That’s question being ” Why can’t I recreate your eyeshadow looks for myself?” The answer is, because not all eye shapes are the same. Makeup that looks one way on someone will not look good for anyone who has a different eye shape. Once you determine your natural shape you can adjust the placement of your eyeshadow to best flatter your eyes.

I will posting a two part series in which I will show how to determine your natural eyeshape  and how to apply makeup that will enhance and define the unique features of each shape.Again I am not a professional makeup artist. The advice I give is based on what I have learned when applying my own makeup. Okay let’s jump right into it.

To begin, let’s define each shape by their characteristics.There are nine distinct eyeshapess. :

Almond eyes- This is the most desirable shape and has been for ages past. The name is  self-explanatory. If part of the iris  is hidden beneath the lids; the eye is almond shaped . They are narrow and slightly upturned and exotic.



Monolid-  Monolid Eyes feature a flat surface with very little to no crease showing. This shape is commonly seen  in those of Mongoloid descent. 


Heavy -Lidded / Hooded Eyes-Heavy- lidded/ hooded eyes  have a fold of skin that droops over the natural crease of the eye. This causes the eyelids to look smaller . Though most experience this with age some are have hooded eyes from birth.

Prominent Eyes- Prominent eyes are usually large and round with larger eyelids . They appear to be protruding from their sockets.You have plenty of room to play  with different looks.






Deep Set Eyes : Deep set eyes sit farther back in the skull.They are commonly very large and make the brow bone seen prominent. They make the eyebrows seem very close to the eyes.

Wide Set Eyes :Wide set eyes  are eyes that are more than one eyeball width apart.Those who have wide set eyes are lucky indeed. They make you look younger.

Close Set Eyes : Close set eyes are less than one eyeball width apart. They sit quite close to the nose.Typically, those with close set eyes have slender noses.

Downturned Eyes : Downturned eyes appear to droop down slightly on the outer corners.

Upturned Eyes : Upturned eyes are the exact opposite of downturned just as the name implies.Instead of being droopy at the outer corners they have a slight lift to them.They are very similar to almond eyes.


In the next post I will have some basic tips for enhance those gorgeous eyes of yours. Remember that no matter what shape or how you choose to do your makeup…let the real you shine through !


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