Top Five Drugstore Makeup Brands

Published February 22, 2016 by smartin9

Welcome back lovelies! I admit that my favorite thing in the world is to play with makeup. Especially high end makeup. There’s just something about high end makeup that makes one feel special, pampered and confident. I love trying the new trends that come out every season. This means trying out a lot of new products and inevitably spending some pretty decent coin on them. I’ve ( finally) learned that for trying out some of more out there bold trends drugstore makeup is the best. I mean I don’t want to go out and spend $60 on a  bright pink blusher and end up looking like  I’ve some weird skin disorder. So without further ado, here are my top five best drugstore makeup brands.

1. Revlon

Revlon Colorstay Makeup for Combo to Oily Skin ( $9.99 target,com)

I have used Revlon Colorstay foundation for years. There isn’t another foundation, high end or drugstore, that works for my skin. The other lipsticks, lip glosses, blushes etc. are very comparable to many high end products. If you want the absolute best drugstore makeup I definitely recommend this brand above others.



2. L’Oreal

L’Oreal is one of most trusted and respected brand of cosmetics. From makeup to haircare  they have the market cornered on quality products. Their products cater to a wide range of skin tones and textures. I know that when I buy a product from them I’m going to get a quality product on par with any  major high end brand.This brand is one of the higher priced drugstore brand but it is well worth the money.

3. Maybelline

Maybelline is a tried and true brand. Like all brands they’ve had their ups and downs. While I’ve personally not been a fan of their foundations , I have relied on them for other products. For example, my go to mascara has been their Great Lash  waterproof mascara. A moderately priced brand , Maybelline is one that offers more affordability with good quality.

4. Physician’s Formula


Physician’s  Formula Nude Wear Touch of Glow Foundation ( $14.95

Physician’s Formula  is a bit more expensive than other drugstore brands. In my humble opinion , for the most part it’s worth a few extra coins. It is one of the few makeup brands out there that is specifically geared toward sensitive skin. The packaging is a bit higher quality than other brands as well. But, it doesn’t offer a wide array of shades, making it a hit or miss when choosing your foundation and concealer. If ,however, you are among the lucky few who fit into the shade range; it’s worth it.

5. E.L F ( Eyes, Lips, Face )


Image:  e.l.f Flawless Finish Foundation ($6.00

Last but certainly not least we have e.l.f . This is by far my all time favorite cosmetic brand ever. With a price range that starts at  $1 you can’t bet the price. It is the most affordable cosmetic line out there. Don’t let the price fool you.  The quality of this makeup beats out a lot of the higher end brands. If you read  the ingredients on the back of the package, you’ll find that it contains many of the same ingredients as the more expensive brands. I highly recommend that you do.

Well there you have it. My top five favorite drugstore brands. I plan to goo into further detail of some of these brands. Let me know which would be your favorite. See you soon !


Thank You!

Published February 19, 2016 by smartin9

I just wanted to say thank you to each and every one who has taken time out of your lives to stop in , have a look around, like and follow my blog. I hope to continue to entertain and hopefully help each of you  in some way. Thank You all from the bottom of my heart!! 🙂

Down To Basics Part II

Published February 10, 2016 by smartin9

Hi lovelies ! In the last post I showed you the different types of makeup brushes. Today I will be going over the basics of the makeup sponge. As with brushes, makeup sponges come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Each sponge is made to apply foundation and concealer in certain areas that are difficult to blend with a brush.They can also be used to sheer out foundation or cream products. Today I’m going to focus on two types of sponges ; the beauty blending sponge and the cosmetic wedge. These are the two most popular sponges for  applying foundation, concealer and other cream makeup products.

When using a cosmetic sponge of any type, there are a few tips and tricks to try   to get a flawless finish.

  • Dampen the Sponge:  Doing this will stop the sponge from absorbing too much product. You will use less product and get better coverage.
  • Tap It On : It’s best when using a flawless foundation sponge, to tap on the product. You get better and more even coverage. Swiping it across the skin can leave streaks and look patchy.

Swtch-a – roo : Use a separate sponge for each product. This way you won’t run the risk of mixing the wrong products together,  such as mixing a bit of contour into  your blush or highlighters.

Let’s take a closer look at each sponge :

The Beauty Blender : This quite possibly the most well known and used sponge. No matter where you look you will find these colorful , egg- shape miracle workers. Used for everything from applying  and blending foundation and concealer to patting on setting powder. With regular cleaning you beauty blender can last up to three months before having to be replaced.

Some benefits of the beauty blender are they are great for applying and blending concealer under the eye. They serve a number of purposes like blending, contouring and highlighting. If you get a bit heavy handed with the foundation the beauty blender will sheer it out seamlessly. They will give your makeup an airbrush finish.

When weighed against other applicators, the beauty blender is definitely worth the $20.00 price tag..

Image : Beauty Blender Original ( $ 20.00 )


Cosmetic Wedges :  Wedge sponges are unique in that they don’t absorb the product. The triangular shape makes them ideal to use in small areas of the face. I use them as a final step in blending foundation around my hairline. It feathers the makeup out a bit easir than a beauty blender.

Wedge sponges have been around for a long time and have quite a following in the makeup community. They will most likely never become obsolete.They are very in expensive and come  in packages of 10 or more and they are easy to find.  If you are beginner with makeup wedges are a good tool to have on hand. You can apply makeup with them and use them to clean up any boo boos that may have occurred. The are especially good to use when sharpening the edge of winged eyeliner.

Wedges are best used to apply foundation, illuminator and they are ideal for covering dark under eye circles. Since they do not absorb makeup they extend the wear time of your makeup. They are suitable for any liquid makeup and some thinner formula creams.  I like using them to apply eye cream.


Image :  Essentials Blending Wedges from e.l.f ( $1.00 )

Well there you go my lovelies. The ins and out of the two most well know makeup sponges. How do you prefer applying makeup? Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Let me know what you think. All suggestions and comments are appreciated greatly. See you all soon ! xo

Makeup Tools :Down To Basics

Published February 3, 2016 by smartin9

Hey there lovelies! How many of you out there have that one old, cringe worthy photo from your rookie makeup days ? You know the one where you’re wearing bright blue eye shadow, frosted lipstick and a fake tan that would put an oompa- loompa to shame. More than are willing to admit it , I think. I freely admit to wearing horrible eye makeup and overdosing on shimmer all because I didn’t have the proper tools and know how to look like anything other than a deranged clown. Of course now I can look back and laugh. Having a daughter who’s into makeup and all that jazz made me think about those horrible pictures.I want her to start out with a fair knowledge of how to apply makeup and the tools that are available .I believe many of you feel the same way. In this post I will go over the many types of makeup tools and how to use them. Hopefully I can spare makeup rookies everywhere some of the teasing that my friends and I went through.

Makeup is and art form and your face is the canvas. To create the perfect picture you need the right tools for the job. Your job is to learn which of those tools are right for you. Not all skin is the same so the tools you use will suit your personal needs. There are so many brands and variations on tools that choosing can seem to be a daunting task. I recommend , if you can afford to , buying a variety of brands both high end and drugstore. You might be surprised to know that when it comes to performance many drugstore brushes are better than some high end brushes. Brushes can have either synthetic or natural fibers . The type you choose depends not only on personal preference, but the type of makeup it is used for. For instance when you’re using a liquid foundation a synthetic bristled brush is ideal . Natural fibers soak up the product so you end up using more than needed. Synthetic on the other hand does not absorb the product.  Let’s look at each type of brush one at a time.

Face Brushes : These are used to apply concealer, foundation, various powders and blush. Here’s a breakdown of each brush and its function.

Concealer Brush: Since these brushes are generally smaller than a foundation brush they are ideal for using under the eye, cover blemishes and for liquid concealers used at the corners of the eye.


Image: Sigma F75 Concealer brush ($ 14.00

Foundation Brush: There are two types of foundation brushes, flat top kabuki brushes are used to buff liquid or cream foundations onto the skin. Then there is a paddle foundation brush that a flat brush head used for applying liquid or cream products such as foundation and primer.

Image: Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush ($ 21.00

F60 - Foundation Brush

Image : Sigma F60 foundation brush ( $ 21.00 )

Powder Brush: These are large, fluffy, soft brushes used to dust on loose powders.


Image: Sigma F20 Powder Brush ($33.00

And last but not least…

Blush Brush :These brushes are often rounded , sloped bristles. They greatly resemble powder brushes. They are used to dust on blushes, contouring and bronzers.

( Sigma F92 Blush Brush  $ 36.80


Eye Brushes : There is a huge variety of the brushes. Finding the right one can be an overwhelming task for makeup rookies. I recommend sticking with the  most basic brushes when first starting out. Buy inexpensive brushes to experiment with ; just until you get the hang of things. Then you can go for the more specialized brushes.( Plus its just more affordable this way.)

Crease Brushes: These brushes are made in various shape and sizes.They can either be round and fluffy to tapered and thin. It’s up to you to choose the shape you prefer. Try to find one that both fits into the socket of your eye and feels soft and comfortable on your eye.

Image: e.l.f crease brush ( $3.00

Eyebrow Brush : These brushes have firm, angled bristles. They are used to apply waxes, creams and powders to the eyebrow.

Image : e.l.f eyebrow duo brush ( $3.00

Blending Brush : These  brushes are one of the most important brushes for makeup. They are usually tapered and fluffy. They are used to blend out any harsh lines and create a smooth and even gradient between colors.

Image : e.l.f Blending Eye Brush ($ 1.00

Eyeshadow Brush :These are the most important of all . They are firm with squared off bristles. They are used to pack cream and powder shadows on the lid.

Image: e.l.f Essential Eye Shadow Brush ( $1.00 )

These are just a few of the basic brushes that I think are great to start out with. I recommend starting out with more affordable brushes for beginners. This way you get the feel of each brush and if one doesn’t work out for you , you won’t be out much money.

In my next few posts I will talk about other tools that you want to have in your makeup arsenal. I will  also go over how to use those as well.Plus  I’ll  give the lowdown on which tool is right for different makeup formulas. I hope you stop by and check it out.

Remember that true beauty doesn’t come from a bottle. It comes from inside! 

Making Those Peepers Pop Part 2

Published January 27, 2016 by smartin9

Hey everyone ! Okay  now we know the shape of our eyes. Now we get to the fun part ….makeup. In the last post we talked about the distinguishing features of each shape. Here I’m going to give you some of my tips to make those features stand out. I would like to state again that these are things I’ve learned over the years and  found to work best for me. Makeup is different for everyone. Do what makes you feel beautiful. In the end that’s all that matters.

Monolid Eyes

Apply eyeliner to the outer third of the crease. Eyeshadow will work as well, but not as intensely. Blend away any harsh lines. This will give the illusion of a doublelid.

Blend, blend, blend. You want your eyeshadow to have a smooth gradient.

Use a blending brush , not a pencil brush, to define the outer third of your eyelid. Do not take it into the ” crease “.. You don’t want to have harsh lines or look over done.

Use a gel liner to tightline your upper lash line. This will open and define the eye. Create a small wing on the outer corner for some oomph.

Highlight the inner corner to brighten the eye.

Almond Eyes

If you have almond eyes you’re in luck . You can create any shape you want with eyeliner and eyeshadow. No matter what you do it will look great.

To define the eye tightline the upper lash line , sweep a light color over the lid only., slight  contour the outer third of the crease and outer V with a medium shade. Remember to blend

Hooded Eyes

Sweep a champagne shade over lids toward the brow bone.

Illuminate the inner corners with a shimmery vanilla shade.

Line the inner third of the lower lash line with the same vanilla shade as in the corners. This will give you the appearance  of being wide awake, even if you aren’t.

Deep Set Eyes

As with any makeup look start by priming your eyelids.

To brighten and cover those lovely dark circles that are the standard for this eye type; use a brightening concealer. Always use your ring finger to blend out under eye makeup. It is the weakest finger and won’t tug or pat too roughly on delicate skin.


Curl those lovely lashes and apply mascara to widen the eye.

Wide Set Eyes

Line lashes all the way around. This will appear to bring the eyes closer together.

Apply light colors on the outer part of the eye and darker colors on the inner eye.

Make sure to blend out any harsh line. Blend upward to the brow bone only on the inner corner only.

Close Set Eyes

The goal of using makeup on close set eyes is to make them look wider and bright. The first step to achieving this is to widen the arch of your eyebrows. Because eyebrows literally frame the eye any changes made to them has a dramatic effect on your entire eye look.

Be sure to use a light shade  in the inner part of the eye. It doesn’t have to be shimmery unless that’s the look you want. Using a lighter shade here will give the illusion  of more space between the eyes.

Always use a darker shade on the outer portion of the eye to add definition.

Apply eyeliner only half way across botht lids. Lining all around will make theye seem even smaller than it is.


Downturned Eyes

The goal for downturned eyes is to make them appear angled upward at the outer corner. To do this you want to accentuate the outer corners of the eyes.

Downturned eyes are the perfect candidate for a cat eye. Winging the liner up and out brings the corners of the eyes up.

Apply an intense wash of color to the upper and lower lids. This will accentuate the eye perfectly.

If you love false lashes downturned eyes are the best. The thicker and longer they appear the better.

Upturned Eyes

These are the perfect candidates for smoky eyes. They are a lot like almond shaped eyes in thay you can’t really go wrong.

To enhance the shape even more by applying a light color in the inner eye and a medium color on the outer corner and blend in the crease.

Smudge out the lower lash lined to soften your look.

That’s all for now everyone. I hope you find this useful. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop in and read this post. See you all soon ! 🙂








Making Those Peepers Pop

Published January 21, 2016 by smartin9

Hi dollies ! First and foremost , I apologise for not posting for a while. I’ve been ill and just didn’t have the energy to write. I have however been brainstorming new ideas for you guys. I would like to address a question that I have been asked time and again. . That’s question being ” Why can’t I recreate your eyeshadow looks for myself?” The answer is, because not all eye shapes are the same. Makeup that looks one way on someone will not look good for anyone who has a different eye shape. Once you determine your natural shape you can adjust the placement of your eyeshadow to best flatter your eyes.

I will posting a two part series in which I will show how to determine your natural eyeshape  and how to apply makeup that will enhance and define the unique features of each shape.Again I am not a professional makeup artist. The advice I give is based on what I have learned when applying my own makeup. Okay let’s jump right into it.

To begin, let’s define each shape by their characteristics.There are nine distinct eyeshapess. :

Almond eyes- This is the most desirable shape and has been for ages past. The name is  self-explanatory. If part of the iris  is hidden beneath the lids; the eye is almond shaped . They are narrow and slightly upturned and exotic.



Monolid-  Monolid Eyes feature a flat surface with very little to no crease showing. This shape is commonly seen  in those of Mongoloid descent. 


Heavy -Lidded / Hooded Eyes-Heavy- lidded/ hooded eyes  have a fold of skin that droops over the natural crease of the eye. This causes the eyelids to look smaller . Though most experience this with age some are have hooded eyes from birth.

Prominent Eyes- Prominent eyes are usually large and round with larger eyelids . They appear to be protruding from their sockets.You have plenty of room to play  with different looks.






Deep Set Eyes : Deep set eyes sit farther back in the skull.They are commonly very large and make the brow bone seen prominent. They make the eyebrows seem very close to the eyes.

Wide Set Eyes :Wide set eyes  are eyes that are more than one eyeball width apart.Those who have wide set eyes are lucky indeed. They make you look younger.

Close Set Eyes : Close set eyes are less than one eyeball width apart. They sit quite close to the nose.Typically, those with close set eyes have slender noses.

Downturned Eyes : Downturned eyes appear to droop down slightly on the outer corners.

Upturned Eyes : Upturned eyes are the exact opposite of downturned just as the name implies.Instead of being droopy at the outer corners they have a slight lift to them.They are very similar to almond eyes.


In the next post I will have some basic tips for enhance those gorgeous eyes of yours. Remember that no matter what shape or how you choose to do your makeup…let the real you shine through !



Published January 17, 2016 by smartin9


Hi lovelies!!

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